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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Comics for Sale

A message from a fellow Komikero:

I would be selling some of my comic collections w/ a
discounted price... I'm a bit short of cash right now
and in dire need of it (to pay for present
obligation). .. Below are the titles (I would be
selling them in bundles because I'm a bit attached
with these comics so it's a pity to sell them
individually, at least for me) and their corresponding

- Ultimate 6 #1 to #7 (starring The Ultimates and
Ultimate Spider-Man) for Php 891.00

- High Roads #1 to #4 and #6 ( I can no longer find
the #5 and #6 was signed by Yu, Alanguilan and Tadeo
last dec 2003 during the san pablo comic fest) for Php

- Supreme Powers #1 to #12 by Straczynski, Fran and
Sibal for Php 1,944.00

- Uncanny X-Men #429 to #434 (The Draco 1 to 6) by
Austen and Tan for Php 729.00

- New X-Men #146 to #150 (Planet X) by Morrison,
Jimenes and Lanning for Php 675.00

- Wolverine Netsuke #1 to #4 by George Pratt for Php

- Mekanix #1 to #6 starring Shadow Cat by Claremont
Borillo, and Sosa (signed by Tadeo for colors) for Php

- Emma Frost #1 to # 6 (Higher Learning) by Bollers,
Green, and Ketchum for Php 810.00

- Emma Frost #7 to # 12 (Mind Games) by Bollers,
Pagulayan, and Crisistomo for Php 945.00

- Emma Frost #13 to #17 (Bloom, the last part of the
story is not availble - #18) by Bollers, Melo,
Parsons, Pagulayan, Crisostomo and Conrad for Php

- Superman Red Son #1 to #3 (Else world) by Millar,
Johnson, Robinson, Wong, Mounts, and Plunkett

I would also be selling some TPB's...

- Xtreme X-Men Invasion TPB by Claremont and Larroca
for Php 1,080.00 (some probs w/ the binding)

- Xtreme X-Men Destiny TPB by Claremont and Larroca
for Php 1,078...

Just send me a note or contact me thru 0915-744-2769
if you are interrested or know a person who would be
interrested. ..


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