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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Blame it on Carver hehehe! He had this post in his blog about MyHeritage and I couldn't resist ;) Basically it all ends with them saying the celeb I most resemble (as in by 83%) is Joey Yung.

Teriyaki Boy Ad

The very first Teriyaki Boy TV commercial is currently being shown every Saturday, around 9pm during the show Pinoy Dream Acadamy at channel 2 :)

You may also view behind the scenes pictures at the online album at this link.


Dominique said...

You're way prettier.


Carver said...

gandaaaa.... :-)

Jac said...

dom- naaks! thanks ^_^

carver- haha aliw nga yung nahanap mo ;D

Clayton said...

I think you look closer to Sharon Au, cuttie

Ed said...

Your beauty is unique, Jac. :) And I admire that.



Jac said...

clay and ed- haha thanks!

Rey said...

I think you look more Sharon Au (which is a singaporean) than the others... But of course, you always had your own unique charm.

Jac said...

ooh, two votes for Sharon Au over Joey Yung! :)

MommyBa said...

Interesting ito. Puntahan ko nga minsan ang site na ito :)

Pretty-pretty ng mga kamukha mo! Pero mas lalo ka naman ano :)


Jac said...

yay! pag meron ka rin patingin ng mga celebrity lookalikes mo :D hugs!

Anonymous said...




Ron said...

hmmm.. almost but not quite.

Jac said...

az- ayus yung mga results niyo ni Momy Lace LMAO azteeeg XD

ron- thank god it doesn't say 100% ne?