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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Level Up! Live 2006

We're taking part in the Level Up! Live 2006 happening this weekend. This is where online gamers get real as players from all over the country gather for the biggest gaming EB of the year :D Yay for gamers!

Robert is going as an Accretia

while Jewel will be Hecate

so I'll be going as the Cora(spiritualist level 45) who summons her ;)

Estanislao Merchandise

I decided on the costume after Robert agreed to help me with the armor. He told me to get some materials here. If you would look at one of his websites you'll find out a few helpful facts as a cosplayer. As for Estanislao this is where I could buy rubber sheets. They're light yet sturdy enough not to be droopy, if you choose the right thickness for the job :)

I got two sheets of white 4mm for the Cora's armor, as well as Greco888, which he swears is tons better than Mighty Bond. The people there are very accommodating, just like he said, and helped me choose the right stuff by being efficently informative. I also enjoyed talking to them, switching languages between Filipino, English and Fookien. And the whole time they have this big fat cat they call Britney who prowls the countertop, stepping(pussyfooting?) all over money and receipts as the people go about their business XD

Anyway, here's how I (should have) found the place:

1) go to Aurora Boulevard
2) ride a "Marikina Bayan" jeep= P10
3) get off at bridge (Sumulong Highway cor JP Rizal)
4) ride a "Calumpang" jeep= P7.50
5) watch out for "Chinatrust Bank"

6) soon enough you'll see "E. Estanislao" on the right side!


Arthur/Nurikane said...

Hi Jac! Too bad I missed that event! I have to fix the roof of my garage! T.T

Did you guys have fun?

All Hail Estanislao!!!

Jac said...

Nah, got sick :(

isha said...

Estanislao is where we F.A. students get our stuff for our floats. Haha. Panda loves rubber foam. :D

Jac said...

and apparently so do a lot of armor/mecha cosplayers ;D