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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

David Mack and chocolate cookies

Here's the trailer for David Mack's DVD soon to be available here!

I fell in love with David Mack's work when I first laid eyes on Kabuki: Reflections I borrowed from a classmate back in college. I've been collecting Kabuki TPB's eversince. It's amazing seeing him push all kinds of boundaries for a graphic novel, the dance of words and images a perfect mix of pure art and sheer poetry.

And belated happy birthday to my niece who turned 1 year old last September 20 :)

...now I have a craving for Mallows!


Rey said...

hahaha! I loved that baby's smile. I guess all kids went thru the same stage... Messing with everything they ate.

Jac said...

haha yeah. I loved how her mom captured these moments perectly :)

jayvee said...

wasnt able to meet you at blogcon! :(

Jac said...

sus I was too busy anyway ;p