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Friday, September 29, 2006

Typhoon Milenyo

A fellow San Pablo blogger made an amazing photo documentary of the typhoon that just ravaged our area. The announcement was made the day before, calling all schools to call off classes a day in advance due to 'typhoon signal number 2'.

I was impressed that they predicted it a day ahead, compared to my schooldays when they called off classes AFTER we're stranded within the buildings of UST which has already transformed itself into an Atlantis. Again.

Click here to view Choi's post!

I'm hearing rumors that another one is on its way, and that it's even stronger than this one(!). I hope Level Up! Live will be moved because I won't be able to make it this Sunday :( The storm has messed up my costume making schedule T_T


Clayton said...

wait, is this the same typhoon we had in Japan?

Jac said...

not sure... a typhoon hit Japan on that day, too?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking. I hope no more storms coming in anytime soon. We are just recovering. I hate brownouts... argh!!! :)

Jac said...

sinabi moh! I hate power outages T_T