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Monday, December 01, 2003


1. who is your ultimate favourite band? F4! Hehehehe!
2. why? kase cute sila!
3. who is your least favourite band? those about unrequited love
4. why? loser sila e
5. what is your favourite type of genre? grrl bands
6. what is your least favourite type of genre? Mushy stuff
7. what is your favourite all-time cd? Imago. Bigay ni Blossom Ting e.
8. what is in your cd player right now? the CD Claire Villacortya sent me
9. what was the first ever cd/cassette you bought? Tori Amos, the one with "Spark"
10. what was the last cd you bought? Mellow del Prado
11. what cd is next on your list? no idea
12. do you download off the internet? yup
14. how many shows have you been to? konti lang
15. what has been your favourite show? Freestyle
16. what has been your worst show? rather not mention ;)
17. what was the last show you went to? Moonstar 88
18. what is the next show you're going to? wherever I get invited to
19. what is your favourite venue? Mayric's
20. who has been the best live band you've seen? Aunt Audrey (Beho, may bayad 'yan ;)
21. who has been the worst live band you've seen? don't know them e.
22. what band would you like to see most, dead or alive? U2
23. what instruments can you play? banduria?????
24. who is your favourite singer? sarah mclachlan
25. who is your favourite guitarist? Jade? siya lang kilala ko e hahah!
26. who is your favourite bassist? Dady Az! Wheeeeeeeeeee!
27. who is your favourite drummer? wala me kilala e... si Deck na lang! ;D

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