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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

DECEMBER 1: First Day Work in Makati

I moved in the night before (Thanks Mico for carrying my huge bag all the way to the boarding house!). My roomie came in soon after. We watched her anime vcd's until 10pm and slept. She went off to work before 5am. I read her indies, mangas and Questors until it's time for me to get ready for work.

I got there at 9am to find the office locked. I went back down to the lobby after texting a co-worker that I'll wait for them there. After 2 hours I went back up and found them there. They said they never got my messages. Weird.

Anyway I quickly settled in my newly assembled PC. The free DSL quickly filled me with bliss ;D Was chatting with the boss soon enough to get my tasks for the day outlined for me. Which got me installing some programs into my PC. It wasn't that hard because my co-workers are nice and set-up my PC really well.

Soon enough I was sending work over the net to my boss in California where he comments and tells me where and which to tweak. Fun! When 6pm rolled around he let me go to continue the work tomorrow.

That's when I hurried to Greenbelt 3 to meet Deck and Mika at Kitchen. Deck called and asked if it's ok for him to order for me. I said yes, trusting he knows my taste, and got on a jeep to get there as fast as I could.

After getting lost a few times (Ryoga Syndrome) I finally reached the place. And saw the pasta Deck ordered for me.

Deck is SO dead.

He ordered me Black Pasta. Yep, the one with squid ink as main sauce. Ack! I should have known! It's so like him

After strangling the Black Pasta Pusher Mika and I had a lot of fun talking about what a small world it is, especially with Az all over the place. And comic strips. And drawing. And cosplay. And plenty of fun stuff, including ganging up against Deck. Payback time!

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