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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Happy Holidays!

Let's see... tomorrow I go to the bank to check if my payments have come yet, namely the salary i deposited and the payment for page 6 of "Attack!"

Then I go to Western Union to claim my payments for the 4 strips I made for HK.

And I'm presently working on my projects, with my main job as my first priority, of course ;) where I finished presenting the webpages in jpg's with a few tweaks to my satisfaction. Then I am tasked to check out sites and study them to be a better web designer. Fun! :D I looooove my job (*hearts*)!

I'm also tasked to make about 12 strips. Ack! I hope I can do them all in time!

Wheeeee! Prosperous New Year! heheheheh!

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