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Monday, December 08, 2003

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!


Last Friday I reached home 9pm. I slept because I got tired lugging abig bag all the way from Makati :D

Last Saturday I got online and worked on Ning's Strip 12 revision and a new Strip 14 for Usapang K, the colored comic strips that are printed in Hong Kong (The Sun and Hong Kong times).

Last Sunday we went to the comics festival where mom is catering. Beya took Mikko to explore the awesome place while I face painted and did body art. A family of four even asked me to do a caricature for them! I was so lucky to have brought some papers by accident and got to borrow pencils and erasers from Carlo Pagulayan and Wilson Tortosa to draw the caricature. They were so happy they paid me P100 and asked for our business card where we offer catering (Mamy), Face Painting (Bebe) and Caricatures (me). My thanks to that family!

And thanks so much for buying my indies! I honestly thought no one would want to buy them because the print wasn't dark enough on the coored edition. That's why I sold them at a discounted price. I'm planning to print this Saturday at least 20 colored cover-edition in the clear mode with xmas greeting inserts to sell this sunday at C3Con! wheeeeeee!

And thanks Wilson for the xmas card and gift! The bracelet I'm wearing right now, the doremi cellphone accessory is now attached to my cellphone!the original g-force girl drawing! My bro loves it! I promised to give him the g-force comics you'll give me at the C3con :) he loves G-force kasi.

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