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Friday, December 05, 2003


and this is the last day of my first week of work :) I'm going home after I pick up whatever sales I managed from ComicQuest Megamall. My thanks to everyone who bought my very first indie. And I invite the rest to buy one too. Or more if you want to give them away from Christmas or something. Like my friends did. Cheryl Ching ordered 20 copies and asked me to insert a xmas card inside. Of course I gladly obliged :) so every colored cover of "Jac Strips For You!" come with a free mini xmas card! Wheeeeee!

So how was my first week of wiork as a web designer for EverSunSoft? It's great! The boss is in California and he directs us by chat. And he's cool! And I guess in a way I'm thankful I have to interact with him through chat because I usually feel intimidated talking to a boss face to face :) at least at first. And twice this week they had pizza hut delivering into our office! So I didn't have to buy lunch! Yesterday was the second time, ordering at 4pm. I took home the leftovers, because i noticed that last time they just throw it out with the trash. So I had 4 slices of family size pan pizza and a half-empty 500ml Pepsi for dinner :) i wonder if mamy's gonna kill me for this? I can see it now: "You call that dinner???"

When I do have to buy lunch there's these food wagons at the street where I can buy the usual carinderia fare at the usual carinderia prices. I stuffed myself silly with P12 red spaghetti one time ;p

So it's fun! Wheeeeeeee! I look forward to working for this company some more!

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