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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Happy Holidays!

Let's see... tomorrow I go to the bank to check if my payments have come yet, namely the salary i deposited and the payment for page 6 of "Attack!"

Then I go to Western Union to claim my payments for the 4 strips I made for HK.

And I'm presently working on my projects, with my main job as my first priority, of course ;) where I finished presenting the webpages in jpg's with a few tweaks to my satisfaction. Then I am tasked to check out sites and study them to be a better web designer. Fun! :D I looooove my job (*hearts*)!

I'm also tasked to make about 12 strips. Ack! I hope I can do them all in time!

Wheeeee! Prosperous New Year! heheheheh!

Friday, December 26, 2003

Wala lang. na-brainwash kami ng kantang ito e ;9

Oh, Santa!

Narrator: "It's Christmas Eve, and Larry is anxiously awaiting the
arrival of Santa Claus with a plate of cookies."

Larry: "Oh, Santa! I can't wait for you to come, I just can't wait for
you to come, and I've got cookies! Three yummy cookies! Just for you for
when you come, oh me, for you for when you come ... because it's


Larry: "Could that be Santa? Could that be him? Could it be the one who
brings presents for a cucumber like me, a good cucumber like me?"

Narrator: "Larry is surprised to be greeted not by Santa, but crafty

Larry: "Who are you?"

Bankrobber: "I'm a bankrobber! And I've come to rob your bank, oh yes!
I've come to rob your bank, and I've come to take your dimes and swipe
your nickels. So stand back, step aside you silly pickle! And let me

Narrator: "Although frightened by the intruder, in the spirit of
Christmas Larry makes an offering."

Larry: "I'm not a banker ... I have no bank my robbing friend, but I
have cookies--three yummy cookies. And I don't have nickels, but please
take this my robbing friend. Eat one of these my robbing friend. They
are for Santa, but you may have one."

Narrator: "The bankrobber is truly touched by Larry's good will. But
Larry, although momentarily distracted, is still excited about seeing

Larry: "Oh, Santa! I can't wait for you to come, I just can't wait for
you to come, and I've got cookies! Two yummy cookies! Just for you for
when you come, oh me, for you for when you come ... because it's

Bankrobber: (Simultaneously) "I'm a robber! I came to rob your bank, oh
yes! I came to rob your bank ... you shared a cookie--a yummy cookie.
Though I'd love to take your dimes, perhaps another time--because it's

[Knock, knock, knock]

Larry: "Could that be Santa? Could that be him? Could it be the one who
brings presents for a cucumber like me, a good cucumber like me?"
Narrator: "Once again, it is not Santa who has come to Larry's door, but
this time a savage Norseman."

Larry: "Who are you?"

Viking: "I'm a viking! And I've come to take your land, oh yes! I've
come to take your land, and I've come to burn your crops and steal your
horses. And I've come to ... step on your chickens! And soil your

Narrator: "Although frightened by the intruder, in the spirit of
Christmas Larry makes an offering."

Larry: "I don't have land ... I don't have crops, my viking friend, but
I have cookies--two yummy cookies. And I don't have horses, but please
take this my viking friend. Eat one of these my viking friend. They are
for Santa, but you may have one."

Narrator: "The viking is also touched by Larry's good will. But Larry's
thoughts are still with Santa."

Larry: "Oh, Santa! I can't wait for you to come, I just can't wait for
you to come, I've got a cookie! A yummy cookie! Just for you for when
you come, oh me, for you for when you come ... because it's Christmas!"

Viking: (Simultaneously) "I'm a viking! I came to take your land, oh
yes! I came to take your land ... you shared a cookie--a yummy cookie.
Though I'd love to soil your quilts, I don't think that I wilt ...
because it's Christmas!"


Larry: "Could that be Santa? Could that be him? Could it be the one who
brings presents for a cucumber like me, a good cucumber like me?"

Narrator: "Larry is greeted now by an agent of the Internal Revenue

Larry: "Who are you?"

Peach: "I'm from the IRS! And I've come to tax your ..." [Slam]

Larry: "Oh, Santa! I can't wait for you to come, I just can't wait for
you to come ... It's finally Santa! It's finally him! At last, the one
who brings presents for a cucumber like me, a good cucumber like me!"

Santa: "I'm Santa! And I've come to bring you gifts, oh yes! I've come
to bring you gifts, and I've come to stuff your stockings--oh ho-ho-ho!
And I've come to jiggle my belly. And wiggle my nose ... Hey, wait a
minute! Isn't that my belt? And what are you doing with my hat? So
you're the ones!"

Bankrobber: "Wait a minute, I can explain!"

Viking: "We've changed!"

Santa: "Nobody messes with Santa! You know that don't you!? You've been
very naughty! And I've got a list!"

Peach: "Did you claim that?"

Larry: "Merry ... Christmas!"

Friday, December 19, 2003


Me with my cousins Frederick and Acdea Lim (thanks for coming guys! And nice tour too, especially Powerbooks ;)

Gary Mayoralgo (whom Acdea calls "Jedi Guy") and me with our artworks

With Paolo. He took these pics with his drool-worthy digital camera

Me drawing on the spot.

Moments before I got possesed by Agent Smith.

On-the-spot art done!

"That's the worst pick-up line I've ever heard, Yoda!"

"I hereby hold Beejay hostage!"
MeAnn, Gary, Azrael, me and a soon-to-be-decapitated Beejay (Beej, joke lang ha? ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Met with my penpal Mary Jane de la Rosa. We met as penpals back in Grade 3. This was the first time we met face to face. hehehe! Will post our pics when she sends it to me :)

Thanks to Wunan for the pic!
Cathy as Mimiru is one of the year's cosplay finalists! Wheeeee!

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

You are Form 0, Phoenix: The Eternal.

"And The Phoenix's cycle had reached
zenith, so he consumed himself in fire. He
emerged from his own ashes, to be forever

Some examples of the Phoenix Form are Quetzalcoatl
(Aztec), Shiva (Indian), and Ra-Atum
The Phoenix is associated with the concept of life,
the number 0, and the element of fire.
His sign is the eclipsed sun.

As a member of Form 0, you are a determined
individual. You tend to keep your sense of
optomism, even through tough times and have a
positive outlook on most situations. You have
a way of looking at going through life as a
journey that you can constantly learn from.
Phoenixes are the best friends to have because
they cheer people up easily.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Found this in Camy's blog (which she found in Gabe's blog)

Monday, December 15, 2003

C3CON 2003!!!

I went home friday night and rested enough to print at least 50 copies of my indies on saturday.

saturday I went out and got my indies printed at a discounted price. Then I went home and printed the colored covers with my newly refilled printer. My bro kept hovering about me watching what's going on, so I let him help me by folding the indies after I stapler them. He also wrapped them i plastic and added the freebies after I showed him sample. The advantage with autistic people is that they are very meticulous with their standards so the quality of the work is unquestionable. and they don't stop until the job is done.

later it turned out that I miscalculated and was 7 covers short. My bro is very annoyed. he kept "Seven!" because there are seven coverless copies laid out on the floor. he won't stop saying "Seven!" as I hurriedly dressed to buy more papers and print more covers. by that time though all the xerox paces are closed so I just printed the colroed covers and decided to bring them with me to manila where i can print them when I need to again.

I then worked on my costume. My bro was very interested again. One thing about him is that he's an otaku longer than I am, but i guess it's not exactly something to encourage him to go hardcore on heheheh! So when i slowly found myself turning into a comix/anime fanatic (mostly because of friends) I let him in on the fun as much a I can. He held up wilson Tortosa's drawing of Jun from g-force as I checked on the finishing details of my costume. He kept saying Gatchaman book". I told him Wilson will give me the #1 BOTP for dressing up. And that alone is prize enough for me :)

Sunday I woke up late because I stayed up last night preparing and packing for another week in makati. When I did I asked my fam how to pull off the hair. I said i'll go to the parlor if there's no other way. Mamy tried to use this hair iron. it curled the ends of my hair a little, but we were worried it would be gone in the 2 hours that i'll travel from laguna to manila. i also decided to wear my costume shirt because changing shirts would mess up my hair.

Tita Apple came up and found out in the middle of our dilemma and eventually we figured out to just twist curls in pins and spray net the whole thing to keep the hair during the trip. it's hilarious how everyone looked at my hair as I commuted for 3 hours from home to boarding and finally to megamall :D it was pretty hectic because I had to get my indies sold as well as register at the cosplay booth.

Pretty Camy saw me and immediatel brought me to Wilson Tortosa. It's so amusing seeing how Wilson got so excited when he saw me. He's so happy and hyper! He quickly pulled me to sit beside him and introduced me as his 'mascot'. It's so hilarious! And I got my free autographed BOTP #1! I already feel like a winner, contest or no :) We later went onstage to show our costumes. Being my first time to cosplay I was so nervous! But the cheers from Blitzworx ang Glashouse Graphics made me feel good enough to WORK my costume on the ramp! Whooooooooo!

I basically have no idea if jun of G-force has any trademark poses or quotes so I just treated it like another fashion walk and showed them the transmute bracelet (my thanks to Cathy the Mimiru cosplayer for the gorgeous bracelet!) as I posed. Then just said "Atashi wa Jun, Gatchaman" (I am Jun, of Gatchaman). It was fun :D When I got offstage some people approached me asking if I was model 'because of the walk' I did. I laughingly answered "Used to, but I'm an artist now". And it's nice when peoplewalk up to me and recognize either my character ("hey! You're Jun/Princess from Gatchaman/BOTP/G-Force!") or as creator of Jac Strips. Some vene recognize me thru Friendster!

After exchanging text messages Cathy and I found each other at the "Biologically Female Dressing Room". That's when she gave me the shiny metal bracelet for my transmute band. and I did the body art using my make up crayons for her costume. I love her hair! She had it cut just for the cosplay! And everyone was so impressed with her mimiru costume! And the sword is very well-made as well as the rest of her costume. Her resourcefulness never fails to wow me when it comes to cosplay. She's also very effcient in planning how to pull it off, where to shop for materials, etc. She's a good cosplayer, and most of all, she's having fun doing it :)

Naturally people wanted to take her picture for her costume. And she gamely posed perfectly in character. I get pleasantly surprised when the people with their cameras would ask me to join her in the picture, because people often think i wasn't wearing a costume! hahahahah!

Deck arrived near closing time when ranulf and I was on line for this comodo something game. I met with Deck because they won't let him in for free (even if there's only half an hour left before the event is over!). He took a picture of me too as I posed beside Wilson's drawing of the character i was cosplaying. We had pizza and bottomless blue pepsi because I haven't eaten anything all day except a chicken sandwich (my breakfast), and a slice of pizza swiped from Glasshouse Graphics (wheheheheh!).

We looked for Cathy after picking up my stuff from the indie and Glasshouse booths because Deck offered to drive us home. it's nice of him to even agree to drive Cathy to her home a bit farther South before driving me to the dorm. We talked about the c3con on the drive home, and cosplaying. And Cathy's amused that I enjoyed cosplaying and my considering to do more cosplays. The pink/white g-force girl costume is my one option. the Ate Whompers from Cat's Trail is another. But it all depends on how easy getting the materials would be. There was even the Persephone from Matrix Reloaded.

This morning I got 4 requests on my friendster! Most of them from people I met at the C3con, and another from yasmine, the newest Komikera! Wheeeeeeeee!

Now excuse me, I have to pick up something from ortigas and get back to work. Ack! I haven't even had anythingt eat yet today!

Okay, just had my lunch at KFC :D ....

Az, thanks for being there with me! C3Con gets much more fun when you're there!
Syeri! I owe you 4 strips :D Thanks for the valuable help at the indie booth! Idol!
Joana! Thanks for the free Cresci Prophecies #1! And the gorgeous art! Lovely colors!
Ranulf! Hope we get to hang out more sometime :)
Gabe! Great meeting you finally! Wheeee! PIX FROM GABE!

Robert as the Matrix Revolutions APU is the best cosplay! hands down!

The Juan! I wanna cd of that! kahit pirated lang! heheheh!
Congrats to 7Thursday for winning best band!
Waaaaaaa! talo indie ko sa contest! Ahehehehe k lang, may bumibili pa rin!
Wheeeeee! Thanks to all those who bought my indie! Email me!
I'm finishing my Slave Leia for coloring. Wish I color as good as Joanah and Ryan Orosco (bows down).
Hail Azrael's Merryland! Woohoo! heheheheheh!
Thanks to Blitzworx and Glasshouse graphics waheheheheh!
I want C3con pics! Upload them already so I can link ur sites here!
Mabuhay ang Artists Den! Wheeeeeeeee!

Friday, December 12, 2003

Woohoo! hope pmjr makes it to ne NEXT San Pablo City Comics Art Festival!
Ack! I lost my folder with my leia fan art! good thing I scanned and saved it before it happened!

This message made my day when I opened my PC this morning

Thursday, December 11, 2003


Yes! I'll be selling my very first indie "Jac Strips For You!" a compilation of my comic strips!
P30 - b&w
P50 - colored cover with xmas greeting inserts

Look for someone dressed like this:
Vivi's PICS
Comics Fest PICS!

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Here's what i made for the Star Wars Convention happening this Dec. 18 - 20, 2003!
Monday: Meeting with Artists Den about St. Benedict Campus Tour. Az hatid me to bhaus after. Thanks! :D
Tuesday: Meet with Syeri to go to St. Bene with Az. Met Diane! Sold caricatures for P50 each. Sold 6 drawings. Worked after.
Wednesday: Work in office. Finished another project. Starting on next. Decided to deliver last 2 drawings tom.

Things to do:
Star Wars art
BOTP cosplay
Print more indies
Deliver drawings
Prepare Face Paint
Get digicam
Komikero xmas party

Monday, December 08, 2003

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!


Last Friday I reached home 9pm. I slept because I got tired lugging abig bag all the way from Makati :D

Last Saturday I got online and worked on Ning's Strip 12 revision and a new Strip 14 for Usapang K, the colored comic strips that are printed in Hong Kong (The Sun and Hong Kong times).

Last Sunday we went to the comics festival where mom is catering. Beya took Mikko to explore the awesome place while I face painted and did body art. A family of four even asked me to do a caricature for them! I was so lucky to have brought some papers by accident and got to borrow pencils and erasers from Carlo Pagulayan and Wilson Tortosa to draw the caricature. They were so happy they paid me P100 and asked for our business card where we offer catering (Mamy), Face Painting (Bebe) and Caricatures (me). My thanks to that family!

And thanks so much for buying my indies! I honestly thought no one would want to buy them because the print wasn't dark enough on the coored edition. That's why I sold them at a discounted price. I'm planning to print this Saturday at least 20 colored cover-edition in the clear mode with xmas greeting inserts to sell this sunday at C3Con! wheeeeeee!

And thanks Wilson for the xmas card and gift! The bracelet I'm wearing right now, the doremi cellphone accessory is now attached to my cellphone!the original g-force girl drawing! My bro loves it! I promised to give him the g-force comics you'll give me at the C3con :) he loves G-force kasi.

Friday, December 05, 2003


and this is the last day of my first week of work :) I'm going home after I pick up whatever sales I managed from ComicQuest Megamall. My thanks to everyone who bought my very first indie. And I invite the rest to buy one too. Or more if you want to give them away from Christmas or something. Like my friends did. Cheryl Ching ordered 20 copies and asked me to insert a xmas card inside. Of course I gladly obliged :) so every colored cover of "Jac Strips For You!" come with a free mini xmas card! Wheeeeee!

So how was my first week of wiork as a web designer for EverSunSoft? It's great! The boss is in California and he directs us by chat. And he's cool! And I guess in a way I'm thankful I have to interact with him through chat because I usually feel intimidated talking to a boss face to face :) at least at first. And twice this week they had pizza hut delivering into our office! So I didn't have to buy lunch! Yesterday was the second time, ordering at 4pm. I took home the leftovers, because i noticed that last time they just throw it out with the trash. So I had 4 slices of family size pan pizza and a half-empty 500ml Pepsi for dinner :) i wonder if mamy's gonna kill me for this? I can see it now: "You call that dinner???"

When I do have to buy lunch there's these food wagons at the street where I can buy the usual carinderia fare at the usual carinderia prices. I stuffed myself silly with P12 red spaghetti one time ;p

So it's fun! Wheeeeeeee! I look forward to working for this company some more!

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

DECEMBER 1: First Day Work in Makati

I moved in the night before (Thanks Mico for carrying my huge bag all the way to the boarding house!). My roomie came in soon after. We watched her anime vcd's until 10pm and slept. She went off to work before 5am. I read her indies, mangas and Questors until it's time for me to get ready for work.

I got there at 9am to find the office locked. I went back down to the lobby after texting a co-worker that I'll wait for them there. After 2 hours I went back up and found them there. They said they never got my messages. Weird.

Anyway I quickly settled in my newly assembled PC. The free DSL quickly filled me with bliss ;D Was chatting with the boss soon enough to get my tasks for the day outlined for me. Which got me installing some programs into my PC. It wasn't that hard because my co-workers are nice and set-up my PC really well.

Soon enough I was sending work over the net to my boss in California where he comments and tells me where and which to tweak. Fun! When 6pm rolled around he let me go to continue the work tomorrow.

That's when I hurried to Greenbelt 3 to meet Deck and Mika at Kitchen. Deck called and asked if it's ok for him to order for me. I said yes, trusting he knows my taste, and got on a jeep to get there as fast as I could.

After getting lost a few times (Ryoga Syndrome) I finally reached the place. And saw the pasta Deck ordered for me.

Deck is SO dead.

He ordered me Black Pasta. Yep, the one with squid ink as main sauce. Ack! I should have known! It's so like him

After strangling the Black Pasta Pusher Mika and I had a lot of fun talking about what a small world it is, especially with Az all over the place. And comic strips. And drawing. And cosplay. And plenty of fun stuff, including ganging up against Deck. Payback time!

Monday, December 01, 2003


1. who is your ultimate favourite band? F4! Hehehehe!
2. why? kase cute sila!
3. who is your least favourite band? those about unrequited love
4. why? loser sila e
5. what is your favourite type of genre? grrl bands
6. what is your least favourite type of genre? Mushy stuff
7. what is your favourite all-time cd? Imago. Bigay ni Blossom Ting e.
8. what is in your cd player right now? the CD Claire Villacortya sent me
9. what was the first ever cd/cassette you bought? Tori Amos, the one with "Spark"
10. what was the last cd you bought? Mellow del Prado
11. what cd is next on your list? no idea
12. do you download off the internet? yup
14. how many shows have you been to? konti lang
15. what has been your favourite show? Freestyle
16. what has been your worst show? rather not mention ;)
17. what was the last show you went to? Moonstar 88
18. what is the next show you're going to? wherever I get invited to
19. what is your favourite venue? Mayric's
20. who has been the best live band you've seen? Aunt Audrey (Beho, may bayad 'yan ;)
21. who has been the worst live band you've seen? don't know them e.
22. what band would you like to see most, dead or alive? U2
23. what instruments can you play? banduria?????
24. who is your favourite singer? sarah mclachlan
25. who is your favourite guitarist? Jade? siya lang kilala ko e hahah!
26. who is your favourite bassist? Dady Az! Wheeeeeeeeeee!
27. who is your favourite drummer? wala me kilala e... si Deck na lang! ;D