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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hello old friend...

Been awhile.

Sorry I can't blog as often as I'd like. I've been busy working as a graphic artist for this full time job. I enjoyed my experience and learning in the short while I'm here. But things worked out in a way that I have to move on. As I learned new things as a graphic artist, I also learned new things as an employee. Some are good, some are sad lessons, but we learn anyway.


Lately I've been noticing flamers and tagboard spammers here in my blog. I took it as a sign that I need to update my blog a bit more often. I think they pollute blogs that have weak traffic because their posts would last. Unlike if the blog is alive and kicking. whatever they post, it would only be pushed down by newer posts of all the other people. So they're like flies that infest old food. langaw.

Wish me luck!

I plan to start blogging here once or twice a week. I'll try Tuesdays and Fridays. It was impossible before because the computer I mainly use doesn't have any net connection. So I could only get online by renting another computer and such. Hopefully I could get online more often now.


Syeri Baet is now selling her comic strip compilation "Carpool". It is a series of comic strips published in Manila Bulletin. The books are now available in Comic Quest SM North Edsa (SM City) and Comic Quest SM Megamall. And if you see this girl,

...chase her down and buy a copy directly for the Syeri girl herself!!! :D

For more Carpool info click here. Yay for female comic book artists!


Let me just say this is a komikero must-see movie! hahahaha! I enjoyed this movie more than I expected. I thank the cool guys of MYX on-air Osang, Jackie and Art. I just experienced my very first premiere :D


Anonymous said...

hi, jac. musta na? :) shet, sa CPI ka na pala nagwowork now? kelan pa? sa Global ako (sa 9th floor ng ELJ).

coffee tayo sa starbucks sometime pag free ka :)

-- jason (darkknight723 of livejournal.com)

Jac said...

Wah! Sige hanapin kita next time andyan ako