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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


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They range from:
my fave pics of my fam
a pic of a resort in LB
a pic of the stuffed toys at home
a jen rosendahl
2 from my sister's wedding
a Gabay Bayan meeting
bea alonzo and piolo pascual
a goodwill bookstore window display
a view from my cpi office window
taal lake and others from the komikero tagaytay outing
a pic of eastwood
abs-cbn dragon dance
eastwood 'statue'
SM with sisters and ahia epy
tobie and ner p
and finally:
pics of some of my friends in CPI :)

I'll take pics of more of the cool CPI people as soon as the paparazzi bug bites me again. and as soon as they stop running away from my digicam heheh!


rene said...

nice pictures, jac!

by the way, the little shop's name with the crazy hats is Gourmet's.

tobie said...

My pic opens to Supermarket.

tobie said...


Jac said...

rene- thanks! That's a big compliment coming from you ;) And everyone kept asking me kasi kung saan daw yung may cute hats.

tobie- inayos ko na po yung link! Sowy! Mwah!