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Thursday, March 10, 2005


I recently got myself a Xoom account because I've heard that it's one way Pinoys can get to use Paypal technology. Paypal is an online service that lets you send money to anyone with an email address, costing much less than sending money around the globe by Western Union. A client of mine wants to try paying me from New York by his Paypal account.

Minutes later (I use dial-up internet connection) I received an email confirming that he has sent me money. I clicked the link provided in the email to claim it and it brought up a window asking for my personal details to sign up my own Paypal account. But when I got to the part where I choose my country, Philippines is not on the list. the only country they have beginning with P is Portugal. To sum it up, I CAN'T get an Paypal account.

I told him so and he soon cancelled the money transaction. That's when i went to xoom.com and clicked on the Request Money link. I didn't need to sign up or be signed in to request for money from anyone with an email address. Later he told me he got the email and it said that he needs the Account Holder's Phone Number, Account Holder's Address, and Equitable PCI Bank Account Number.

The main reason I signed up in Xoom is because I have an Equitable PCI bank account. I gave him the details he needed and soon enough he got a reply saying the transaction can take up to three banking days. So as soon as I know how it turns out, I'll let you guys know, in case you're interested in being able to transact money online :)

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EvilManLtd said...

Three days? Wow. They told me it's as fast as overnight. I'm trying XOOM as well hopefully this isn't the case.