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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I forgot my equitable online bank password. Again.

I was asked last time to change it but didn't get to write it down anywhere. So now I have to go to my branch in San Pablo City to fix it because the account and I can't try to log on anymore because I entered the wrong password too many times. Sigh, so I'll check if the Xoom thing worked the old way. Walk to an ATM :)


Ed said...

I tried registerring at Zoom...damn, bakit EPCI lang?! Why not other banks too? I only put my credit card in it, but that's not good enough to receive money. I can only send. Phaaack!


Gerry Alanguilan said...

Sign na yan ng... well, ilang taon ka na?


Ed said...

Gerry, baka inlab sya. Hmmm...inlab ka nga ba, Jac?


Astrantia said...

lol, Jac! I've done that with my online banking... twice now.

You guys are dorks :-P

Jac said...

mga hitad! anong inlab?? break na nga kami ni vin diesel e! ambaduy kasi ng The Pacifier. Nakita ko pa yung old breakdance video nya! huhuhu! Hayup ka gerry! hayup!

(stopping self from watching The Pacifier)

Dark Knight said...

si vin diesel pala nandun din sa SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. narecognize ko lang siya nung nabaril na siya nung sniper. wala lang hehe was watching it on dvd kagabi :) hehe

-- jason (darkknight723 of livejournal.com)