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Friday, March 11, 2005

...14...15! Pu+@n91n@!!!

That's how I count my reps at the end of each set. Since I got into the contest the trainers insist I do 15 reps of 3 sets of everything in my 3-day program. My arms still hurt. The next day it's going to be my back and biceps that will start hurting right along with my chest and triceps. I notice though that I feel like I have excess energy that makes me want to go running instead of walking when I go about my pedestrian ways on the street and in the malls. I just hope no one mistakes me for a snatcher hahaha!


fongi said...

girl, okay lang yan!!! workouts really hurt, but they TOTALLY pay off. in two weeks or more, you'll see the results. (it depends on how your fast your muscles build up.) maybe i'm a sucker for pain, but i try to do 20reps each set ;) heavier doesn't always mean better ;)

Dark Knight said...

heh heh now dats wat I call a power workout :p *lol*