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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Sowy! I should have updated YESTERDAY!

But obviously, I didn't. Why? Because yesterday was the last daw of my work in CPI. I resigned because I need to go full-time in my other job in Eastwood. I'm part of an all-Pinoy team of indie game designers with Ranulf. We're designing a game that should come out May 2005.

I'm in a net cafe right now to make up for my online absence. Later I'll meet up with Slycers Jojo and Mark to help me move my stuff out of the dorm and into Eastwood.

I felt kinda sad having to leave CPI, but I hope I can still come back someday, if at least to freelance. I love the people there. They're some of the coolest co-workers I've met :) I'm jus glad we're all seeing each other again in Tina's wedding.

Working VS Begging

I was eating breakfast one day when a gir approached and gave me a small laminated card, then moved on to other tables to do the same. I read the card and it said something like this:

"I am a working student and now I need help to pay my tuition fees..."

Oh man! Not another beggar!!! I've had these letters before, received much the same way, asking for money for some charities. I was about to return the card to the girl when my eyes glanced over the rest of what it said:

"I'm selling dried mangoes for P50. If you would from me it would be a great help. Because I believe WORKING IS BETTER THAN BEGGING."

When the girl came back I bought the dried mangoes and had it as post-breakfast dessert :) I hate beggars. I love people like her, who refuse to beg. Say it with me:


Coke VS Dysmenorrhea

Through the years since the arrival of the curse of my female puberty, we learned that Coke helps us deal with dysmenorrhea. We're even told that beer works even better. Could anyone out there confirm or deny this? :) Until then I have an excuse to drink Coke and beer every month ;D

Comments and Tags

Thanks for all the nice comments and tags! Now I just hope the stupid tagboard comes back already. And thanks for swatting away all the flies ;)

Circle of Blood

I got Kabuki: Circle of Blood as a late Chrismas gift! Yay! Thanks guys! Love ya! :D

This shows one David Mack's early works. His style is already distinctive with his unique panelling and how he uses the images itself as part of his poetry. The art is quite raw in its black and white format compared to Kabuki: Images where he basically told the same story inside a bigger story, but all in gloriously vibrant watercolors. Still, the emotions of his work is still... heart-wrenching. Call me a fangirl('cause I am), but his work really grabs my heart right out and takes my soul on a ride of its life(or existence, if you're going to be that strict regarding a soul's life, but I digress...). I can't wait to collect the rest of Kabuki!


Anonymous said...

ngek. resigned ka na pala sa CPI??? dang! huli na ko sa balita -- darkknight723 of livejournal.com

Sean said...

"Working is better than begging."

Heh. That puts a brand new spin on working one's way through school. If she maintains the same creative spirit by the time she graduates, then I know that she'll go far.

If anything, it's the most sensible thing that I've read about all week.

Anonymous said...

that must be the FOURTH TIME those "students" suckered us to buy their dried mangoes! ;D i wonder where they get their dried mangoes... (mental note:check supermarket price for dried mangoes) heheh. jk! at least you REALLY like those dried mangoes! :D
love yah! c u soon! :* -beya

Jac said...

darkknight- nye! I've been lunching with tobie and Gener, they're both from 9th floor! Hanapin kita pag dadalaw me sa abs cbn :)

sean- I hate beggars kasi e. as in. There was one time i chased one down for being so damn annoying.

beya- hello bebe! update your blog na! that shouldn't be too strenuous for someone in your condition ;)

Anonymous said...

ngek..dalas ka pala lunch with them..i didn't know ehehe :) cge, kape't chikahan tayo next time na nasa abs ELJ building ka uli. ipatawag mo lang ako sa guard ng 9th floor lobby pag nandun ka na :) ingatz -- darkknight723 of livejournal.com

Sean said...

I don't particularly like beggars either, mind you. I've experienced too many shallow, unsubtle beggars in my lifetime.

However, it's always nice to see people get creative. Especially beggars, who may stereotypically be some of the last people you'd expect creativity from.

Jac's Groupie Boy said...

"may bayad?"

(: Kung gusto nyo ma'am....movie pa eh.