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Friday, March 04, 2005


"Okay, who f***ing pushed me?!?"

If you can't see the image, click this link.

That was me this morning. And no, nobody pushed me. The photographers just wanted to make me pose in the water during the photoshoot for the Bikini Bodies 2005. I was one of the candidates. Even to this moment I still can't believe I got in.

I mean, you grow up being the ugliest little girl in a family with gorgeous parents and siblings... and now THIS?!

I was just walking in a treadmill in Slimmer's World (okay, okay, I was kinda suckered into signing up because of their half-price promo) when a female trainer came up to me and told me to go to Dusit Hotel for the first screening because they need a representative. "Sali ka na, katuwaan lang naman yun e. It's just for fun!"

So gullible me thought 'What the heck,' and went. Cathy, who signed up in Slimmer's World for the same reason, lent me her swimsuit and got me an entry form.

A few days later I was told that I'm in. Now they're telling me to go to this photoshoot. And that for the next few weeks we'll be rehearsing for a production number. They took my measurements so they could make costumes.


Hay. But of course, I'm going through with this. As far as I can go. However silly I sometimes feel because I never really viewed myself as anything visually pleasing. Mostly because I'm always up for a new experience, and it's gonna be one heckuva story to tell Mikko's kids someday.

I scoured the malls yesterday until I chose a printed red and pink string bikini, and got some red strapped wedge sandals to match with it. The next morning I woke up real early to go to the gym for my Day 3 of the week(they put me in a 3-day program to prepare for the contest) where this trainer made me 3 sets of everything, however much I begged that I can't do it because the weights are too heavy, or my limbs are too weak. Because he won't quit pestering me until I finish all the 3 sets, I did it. After thatb I rushed through th showers and hurried to find a salon to get makeup done.

No salons are open until 10am. Photoshoot starts 10am. FUUUUUTEK!

I ran on to Shangri-La. I was on my way to the hotel when my eyes glanced ove rthe mall's directory. I saw Watercolors. I found it and had makeup done there. One hour later I look less like a troglodyte and poorer by P650. Zeny, the nice makeup artist directed me to a shortcut to the Hotel by the elevator. I'm one hour late.

I was thankful to find that they took pics individually. So it's okay to be late. Yay! After that I went on to work.


Ed said...

*drools*You really look gorgeous. But I lost taste sa mga Asians na. Weird ko 'no?

Good luck, Jac! I hope you'll win or maybe get in the finals. ;)

Astrantia said...

Grabe! Mas maputi ka sa akin! Hehehe.

Good luck Jac!

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Grabe, daming Ususero a. he.he. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Maganda yun pwet mo!

Rommel said...

As a part of the male heterosexual half of the world population, I would like to convey m views that you are HOT! I think that I speak for a large chunk of that population. Also I feel that I can say this with impunity, since I live in Australia, and you can't get to me easily :)

rene said...

gusto mo photoshoot din tayo? si gerry, raipo, jerald at jonas ang taga-hawak ng reflector. :-)

batangbatugan said...

I do believe you have a chance, you've got the bod! And that's a good attitude, too. ;> Hope you win!

DMack said...

Hey, that Jane lady is cute! Your sister?

Sekret Admyrer said...

Puwedeng ba pong omorder ng prints? Yung may autograph ninyo please at lipstick mark.

tobie said...


Raipo said...

Langya ka rene'! Ginawa mo pa kaming tsimoy!

Jac, pwede bang umekstra na towel-boy sa contest nyo? Kahit 1 araw lang...

Anonymous said...

wow, sexy hehe good luck :) -- Dark Knight (darkknight723 of livejournal.com)

Jac said...

Ed- thanks! :D

Amie- Ang galing mo nang mag-Tagalog!

Gerry- Most of them are photographers. MOST.

Rommel- haha! Lagot ka pagbalik mo ng San Pablo!

Rene- Ows? Ikaw kukuha? Libre ba? pakainin kita ng luto ni mamy!

Wilson- thanks! Hopefully by March21 we know how to cast votes. Voting starts April 1. No fooling :)

sekret admirer- may bayad?

tobie- lalo ka na! sowy di me makasama sa photoshoot mo bukas ;) next week? LOL!

Raipo- asuuuus popormahan mo lang yung ibang contestants dun e ;D

Dark Knight- salamat!

solo flite said...


monsanto said...

Uy Okay ah! Good luck sexy! :)

mungkey said...

hehe. ngayon ko l ang nakita. Grabe! Nice bod ka talaga jac. ;>