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Tuesday, March 29, 2005



SWI Bikini Bodies 2005

"Slimmers World International, the leader in fitness, slimming and beauty will exhibit its fresh batch of bodies to die for in this year's Mr. & Ms. Bikini Bodies 2005! With 26 candidates vying for the grand prize to be this year's sexiest body on the beach, all our candidates went through the most rigorous screening in the history of Bikini Bodies.

With over 80 applicants showing up for the screening in their best shape ever, the panel had to skim the line up to come up with this year's Bikini Bodies final 26 candidates. Bikini Bodies is a competition, which aims bring out the best looking body to ever hit the beach. We are in search of the best physique, skin quality, sex appeal to compliment any bikini.

All 26 candidates will strut their stuff on a tropical paradise setting in the jewel of the north! To dance to the music of the tropics to create the complete tropical experience as all 26 candidates will put on display their best bikini shape ever.

Slimmers World Bikini Bodies 2005 will be on April 16, 2005. Witness as we crown the hottest bodies in bikini this summer as the winners bring home the title and P25,000 in cash and prizes."

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Jac Strips Again!

Xoom Update

I finally got my online banking straightened out so I confirmed that my payment came in March 10! That means it came immediately! Cool! :D

Friday, March 18, 2005


I first saw artworks like these in cd covers of cool club music compilations in Music One. I was soo tempted to buy the cd's if only to have the awesome artwork. That was about a year ago. I tried googling Hedkandi and stuff but I still didn't find out what his name was. I was so glad when a friend of mine told me about Jason Brooks. So yay! I finally found him! :D

Hawaiian Tropic Sunblock Lip Balm SPF 45, Vanilla Mint Flavor

Yes! And I also finally found THE Lip Balm! I've been searching all this time for a lip balm that actually works for me. So far I tried lip balms that tasted weird, smelled weird, or worse, MADE my lips chap.

So far, this one really made my lips smooth, soft and healed from chapping and stuff. And it smells like vanilla (my favorite scent!) AND it tastes nice too. The mint is an unexpected bonus. It makes my lips feel tingly cool! I found this one by accident while panic shopping for a bikini for that contest.

The runner-up is Jellies Lip Gloss sold in Sara Lee (Avon's competitor in direct selling). It tastes great and leaves a gorgeous glossy tint on your lips, but it smells too sweet or too waxy.


I vaguely remember my first graduation back when I was six years old. We're supposed to come up onstage, say our names, and state what we want to be when we grow up. So my fam asked what i want to be when i grow up.


"Huh?" my family was naturally puzzled.

"I want to draw."

"OOOOOOH! You mean an artist!"

(whispers:) "Don't tell her she wants to be an artist! She might end up like those painters who got famous AFTER dying poor!"

"...Say 'Designer' instead!"

And I did :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I forgot my equitable online bank password. Again.

I was asked last time to change it but didn't get to write it down anywhere. So now I have to go to my branch in San Pablo City to fix it because the account and I can't try to log on anymore because I entered the wrong password too many times. Sigh, so I'll check if the Xoom thing worked the old way. Walk to an ATM :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

St. Michael

Wala lang.


My neck kinda feels like hers right now. And obviously, I've been enjoying Fatal frame 2 by watching Slycer Mark play it. he's now earning enough points to make his second playthrough easier ;D

Friday, March 11, 2005

...14...15! Pu+@n91n@!!!

That's how I count my reps at the end of each set. Since I got into the contest the trainers insist I do 15 reps of 3 sets of everything in my 3-day program. My arms still hurt. The next day it's going to be my back and biceps that will start hurting right along with my chest and triceps. I notice though that I feel like I have excess energy that makes me want to go running instead of walking when I go about my pedestrian ways on the street and in the malls. I just hope no one mistakes me for a snatcher hahaha!


Go to: http://www.lulu.com/content/98621

I alreday psted about this book written by fellow komikera Inez. What I want to tell you is that if you want to get published yourself you can find out how at Lulu.com! You can even sell your novels online. And even get reviews :)

Thursday, March 10, 2005


I recently got myself a Xoom account because I've heard that it's one way Pinoys can get to use Paypal technology. Paypal is an online service that lets you send money to anyone with an email address, costing much less than sending money around the globe by Western Union. A client of mine wants to try paying me from New York by his Paypal account.

Minutes later (I use dial-up internet connection) I received an email confirming that he has sent me money. I clicked the link provided in the email to claim it and it brought up a window asking for my personal details to sign up my own Paypal account. But when I got to the part where I choose my country, Philippines is not on the list. the only country they have beginning with P is Portugal. To sum it up, I CAN'T get an Paypal account.

I told him so and he soon cancelled the money transaction. That's when i went to xoom.com and clicked on the Request Money link. I didn't need to sign up or be signed in to request for money from anyone with an email address. Later he told me he got the email and it said that he needs the Account Holder's Phone Number, Account Holder's Address, and Equitable PCI Bank Account Number.

The main reason I signed up in Xoom is because I have an Equitable PCI bank account. I gave him the details he needed and soon enough he got a reply saying the transaction can take up to three banking days. So as soon as I know how it turns out, I'll let you guys know, in case you're interested in being able to transact money online :)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Sowy! I should have updated YESTERDAY!

But obviously, I didn't. Why? Because yesterday was the last daw of my work in CPI. I resigned because I need to go full-time in my other job in Eastwood. I'm part of an all-Pinoy team of indie game designers with Ranulf. We're designing a game that should come out May 2005.

I'm in a net cafe right now to make up for my online absence. Later I'll meet up with Slycers Jojo and Mark to help me move my stuff out of the dorm and into Eastwood.

I felt kinda sad having to leave CPI, but I hope I can still come back someday, if at least to freelance. I love the people there. They're some of the coolest co-workers I've met :) I'm jus glad we're all seeing each other again in Tina's wedding.

Working VS Begging

I was eating breakfast one day when a gir approached and gave me a small laminated card, then moved on to other tables to do the same. I read the card and it said something like this:

"I am a working student and now I need help to pay my tuition fees..."

Oh man! Not another beggar!!! I've had these letters before, received much the same way, asking for money for some charities. I was about to return the card to the girl when my eyes glanced over the rest of what it said:

"I'm selling dried mangoes for P50. If you would from me it would be a great help. Because I believe WORKING IS BETTER THAN BEGGING."

When the girl came back I bought the dried mangoes and had it as post-breakfast dessert :) I hate beggars. I love people like her, who refuse to beg. Say it with me:


Coke VS Dysmenorrhea

Through the years since the arrival of the curse of my female puberty, we learned that Coke helps us deal with dysmenorrhea. We're even told that beer works even better. Could anyone out there confirm or deny this? :) Until then I have an excuse to drink Coke and beer every month ;D

Comments and Tags

Thanks for all the nice comments and tags! Now I just hope the stupid tagboard comes back already. And thanks for swatting away all the flies ;)

Circle of Blood

I got Kabuki: Circle of Blood as a late Chrismas gift! Yay! Thanks guys! Love ya! :D

This shows one David Mack's early works. His style is already distinctive with his unique panelling and how he uses the images itself as part of his poetry. The art is quite raw in its black and white format compared to Kabuki: Images where he basically told the same story inside a bigger story, but all in gloriously vibrant watercolors. Still, the emotions of his work is still... heart-wrenching. Call me a fangirl('cause I am), but his work really grabs my heart right out and takes my soul on a ride of its life(or existence, if you're going to be that strict regarding a soul's life, but I digress...). I can't wait to collect the rest of Kabuki!

Friday, March 04, 2005


"Okay, who f***ing pushed me?!?"

If you can't see the image, click this link.

That was me this morning. And no, nobody pushed me. The photographers just wanted to make me pose in the water during the photoshoot for the Bikini Bodies 2005. I was one of the candidates. Even to this moment I still can't believe I got in.

I mean, you grow up being the ugliest little girl in a family with gorgeous parents and siblings... and now THIS?!

I was just walking in a treadmill in Slimmer's World (okay, okay, I was kinda suckered into signing up because of their half-price promo) when a female trainer came up to me and told me to go to Dusit Hotel for the first screening because they need a representative. "Sali ka na, katuwaan lang naman yun e. It's just for fun!"

So gullible me thought 'What the heck,' and went. Cathy, who signed up in Slimmer's World for the same reason, lent me her swimsuit and got me an entry form.

A few days later I was told that I'm in. Now they're telling me to go to this photoshoot. And that for the next few weeks we'll be rehearsing for a production number. They took my measurements so they could make costumes.


Hay. But of course, I'm going through with this. As far as I can go. However silly I sometimes feel because I never really viewed myself as anything visually pleasing. Mostly because I'm always up for a new experience, and it's gonna be one heckuva story to tell Mikko's kids someday.

I scoured the malls yesterday until I chose a printed red and pink string bikini, and got some red strapped wedge sandals to match with it. The next morning I woke up real early to go to the gym for my Day 3 of the week(they put me in a 3-day program to prepare for the contest) where this trainer made me 3 sets of everything, however much I begged that I can't do it because the weights are too heavy, or my limbs are too weak. Because he won't quit pestering me until I finish all the 3 sets, I did it. After thatb I rushed through th showers and hurried to find a salon to get makeup done.

No salons are open until 10am. Photoshoot starts 10am. FUUUUUTEK!

I ran on to Shangri-La. I was on my way to the hotel when my eyes glanced ove rthe mall's directory. I saw Watercolors. I found it and had makeup done there. One hour later I look less like a troglodyte and poorer by P650. Zeny, the nice makeup artist directed me to a shortcut to the Hotel by the elevator. I'm one hour late.

I was thankful to find that they took pics individually. So it's okay to be late. Yay! After that I went on to work.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


click here to view them.

They range from:
my fave pics of my fam
a pic of a resort in LB
a pic of the stuffed toys at home
a jen rosendahl
2 from my sister's wedding
a Gabay Bayan meeting
bea alonzo and piolo pascual
a goodwill bookstore window display
a view from my cpi office window
taal lake and others from the komikero tagaytay outing
a pic of eastwood
abs-cbn dragon dance
eastwood 'statue'
SM with sisters and ahia epy
tobie and ner p
and finally:
pics of some of my friends in CPI :)

I'll take pics of more of the cool CPI people as soon as the paparazzi bug bites me again. and as soon as they stop running away from my digicam heheh!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hello old friend...

Been awhile.

Sorry I can't blog as often as I'd like. I've been busy working as a graphic artist for this full time job. I enjoyed my experience and learning in the short while I'm here. But things worked out in a way that I have to move on. As I learned new things as a graphic artist, I also learned new things as an employee. Some are good, some are sad lessons, but we learn anyway.


Lately I've been noticing flamers and tagboard spammers here in my blog. I took it as a sign that I need to update my blog a bit more often. I think they pollute blogs that have weak traffic because their posts would last. Unlike if the blog is alive and kicking. whatever they post, it would only be pushed down by newer posts of all the other people. So they're like flies that infest old food. langaw.

Wish me luck!

I plan to start blogging here once or twice a week. I'll try Tuesdays and Fridays. It was impossible before because the computer I mainly use doesn't have any net connection. So I could only get online by renting another computer and such. Hopefully I could get online more often now.


Syeri Baet is now selling her comic strip compilation "Carpool". It is a series of comic strips published in Manila Bulletin. The books are now available in Comic Quest SM North Edsa (SM City) and Comic Quest SM Megamall. And if you see this girl,

...chase her down and buy a copy directly for the Syeri girl herself!!! :D

For more Carpool info click here. Yay for female comic book artists!


Let me just say this is a komikero must-see movie! hahahaha! I enjoyed this movie more than I expected. I thank the cool guys of MYX on-air Osang, Jackie and Art. I just experienced my very first premiere :D